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A few basic guidelines when trying to make healthy food for a picnic include skipping any kind of greasy fast food and packing fresh fruits and vegetables instead. Vegetables with some dip make for very good entrees while fruits are excellent desserts, as delicious and juicy as they are, and also as healthy as they can be. Another thing that’s very important on a picnic is hydration. Bringing lots of water is always welcome, but also juices and some alcohol that’s not too strong, but just strong enough to make for a relaxed, cheerful atmosphere.

So, while people tend to pack food that is quite high in fats, carbohydrates and similar nutrients that are not very healthy, there are ways to prepare food for a picnic that is actually healthy, and it’s quite easy as well.

How to make garden sliders

When preparing garden sliders one should first prepare around 15 oz of beans and make sure that they are completely drained and thoroughly washed. When that’s done, the beans blended together with a spoonful of olive oil, a spoonful of minced garlic a little less than two whole spoons of crushed Italian seasoning. When all the ingredients are perfectly blended together in a smooth mixture it’s recommended to season them with just a pinch of salt and pepper.

The second part of this recipe involves grilling a squash. The way to prepare the squash for grilling is to simply cut it into slices and cover them with a spoonful of olive oil. After that the squash is quite prepared for grilling and the way to do it is to hold each side on the grill for about five minutes. That should be more than enough.

Finally, it’s time to smear the bean spread over the bread slices and place the squash slices in between. Besides the squash, it’s good to add fresh cucumber and tomato to the sandwiches and place wooden picks in the middle so that they won’t fall apart.

How to make a barbecue chicken sandwich

This sandwich requires some cooked chicken, even, if it’s just leftover and not freshly cooked, it will do just fine for this sandwich. About half a cup of this kind of chicken should be put together with two spoons of barbecue sauce and a quarter of a cup of sliced carrots in a big bowl. They are to be grilled until the chicken is in accordance with one’s preference. The final step involves smearing ranch dressing over the bread slices and adding the chicken mixture together with some lettuce.

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