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Healthy eating during pregnancy

A healthy eating regime during pregnancy is not all that different from a general healthy balanced diet. They both require eating a lot of food and vegetables, drinking a lot of water, and just making sure to take in enough nutritious elements such as vitamins, minerals, fiber, and proteins, to name a few, as well as making sure to stay clear of processed food and the food that is high in fat.

The only difference is that while pregnant, a woman has to eat for two. There are many useful recipes for pregnant woman that cover all the necessary nutrients and avoid the unhealthy food.

Secondary meals

Secondary meals are the ones that are eaten when feeling just slightly hungry or before a main dish.

An entrée that has proven to be popular among pregnant women and that is also filled with a handful of nutrients that are very important for the development of the baby is the Florentine pasta. The way to make it is to cook either whole-wheat or spinach pasta until boiling. Somewhere before the boiling point, some garlic is to be added to the pasta, as well as nicely sliced red peppers and spinach. This is a very delicious dish, especially when served with cheese and olive oil.

Also, a highly recommended snack is a smoothie that is full of proteins that make it quite refreshing and energizing. The fruits that are to be included in this smoothie are bananas and blueberries. Aside from the fruits, the smoothie should include some freshly squeezed orange juice and non-fat yoghurt.

Main courses

The recipes for healthy meals for pregnant women are countless and can be found anywhere, from the internet to the special cookbooks.

One of the very appetizing and healthy dishes is broccoli and mint soup. It is extremely easy to make and it doesn’t take even an hour. The way to prepare it is to peel two onions and slowly cook them in a saucepan in which the oil was previously heated. This should take about five minutes, after which a little less than a kilo of nicely sliced broccoli should be added and cooked for another five minutes.

When this is done, a little less than a liter of milk and a quarter of a liter of water should be added, and the vegetable stock cube should be crumbled in. After that, the mint leaves should be sprinkled into the saucepan. The next thing to do is to wait until the mixture starts boiling gently, after which the saucepan should be covered with a lid and left that way up to half an hour. Finally, when nicely cooked, the mixture should be put into a blended until it’s nice and smooth for serving.

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