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Pizzas are a wonderful addition to your weekly recipes for the family as they are loved by all and they are very easy and simple to make. It is important that we try to make as much as we can healthy pizza. There are just a few easy guidelines to follow to ensure you are keeping you and your family healthy. It is a fact that a pizza actually contains a lot of the food groups we require and it is the overeating that deems us unhealthy, not the actual pizza.

Guidelines for Making a Healthy Pizza

You should always try to use fresh ingredients when making a pizza and that rule especially applies to the herbs and spices. If you can, prepare your very own home made sauce rather than a sauce from a can because you can use the fresh ingredients such as vegetables and herbs. If you are using olive oil, ensure it is of the best quality. Try not to overdo the cheese amount, by using a reasonable amount you will still enjoy the pizza without all the fat content that cheese provides. It is important that your pizza is balanced at this means that none of the ingredients drown out another and this especially applies to the cheese.

Fresh Tomato & Chicken Pizza

This pizza recipe will allow for four servings. You will need a non sticking cooking spray, a table spoon of cornmeal, one ten-ounce package of pizza dough that has been refrigerated, three plum tomatoes that are sliced up rather thin, four ounces of cooked chicken that has been cut into one inch cube pieces, three table spoons of snipped fresh basil, a quarter tea spoon of coarsely ground pepper and one cup of reduced-fat mozzarella cheese that is shredded. You will need to coat a twelve inch pizza pan with the cooking spray and then sprinkle it with the cornmeal. At this stage you can press the pizza dough into the pan and you can build up the edges. Now, you can put the tomato slices on the dough and add the basil and the pepper and then finally place the mozzarella cheese on top. It can be baked in a pre heated oven for no more than eighteen minutes at a temperature of four hundred and twenty five degrees Fahrenheit.

Tips for Pizza Making

Always shake the salt and always try to choose chicken over pepperoni. If you can, try to stick with low fat cheese.

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