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Pets are so important for the most people in today’s age. In fact a lot of the people see their dogs as a family member and treat them as so, letting them sleep on the bed and similar things. So it makes sense that you also want to ensure their health by feeding them the right food. Gone are the days of throwing down the leftovers and buying the canned dog food that’s full of what nobody knows. No, now people are happy to invest their time to make sure their family pets get the best and see below to find out how.

Stew from Beef or Lamb for your Family Dog

You will need three potatoes, three carrots and two celery sticks, coupled with one pound of lamb or beef, low fat of course and two pints made full of broth and two table spoons of olive oil. Firstly you will need to put the olive oil in a pan and brown the meat. Then you can strew the cooked meat in the broth you have prepared for around forty five minutes or so with the vegetables you have also prepared. When everything is soft you can serve. Before that wait for it to cool down to an edible temperature. Chicken with Rice for your Family Dog

You will need four table spoons of a broth from chicken, one cup full of chicken that has been boiled and half a cup full of brown rice that has been cooked. Of course, you will add half a cup of steamed vegetables such as carrots, peas, potatoes or green beans and these can all be combined in the same meal for your dog. It is very easy, just simply add the cooked rice and boiled chicken together along with the steamed vegetables and mix it in the broth for around ten minutes to simmer. Allow it to cool down and serve this wonderful meal to your family dog.Salmon with Pasta for your Family Dog

You will need a salmon steak or you can use any fish fillet you really like. Also get together a quarter of a cup of chicken broth, half a cup of pasta, half a cup of vegetables that have been steamed and two table spoons of olive oil. Simply sauté the salmon or fish steak/fillet for around five minutes or so on both sides in the two table spoons of olive oil. Whilst that is happening you can be cooking your pasta. Once the pasta is cooked you can put it in with the fish and also add the broth and vegetables. As usual let it simmer together for ten minutes, allow cooling and finally serve this to your beloved dog.

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