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Healthy Sandwiches

A sandwich is one the most popular food in the world because it is tasty and easy to make. The common belief is that sandwiches fall under the category of unhealthy food, but, if you carefully chose the ingredients, your sandwich can be healthy and delicious.


The best bread for sandwiches is the one which contains the least calories and fat. You should opt for the bread rich in fibers and made out of the whole grains. When you buy bread make sure you read the list of ingredients first. Avoid bread which has any hydrogenated oils, trans fats, additives and artificial substances. When you start making your healthy sandwich, cut the slices thin.


A proper sandwich must have a spread too. A healthy sandwich can include some spread, but you should not put too much of it. Spreads such as mayonnaise, butter or cream cheese contain a lot of calories. You should choose mayonnaise without eggs and low fat dairy products. Mustard is an excellent spread for your healthy sandwich. Mustard has many health benefits, such as improving your metabolism, lowering the blood pressure and stimulating digestion. It is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, iron, calcium, magnesium and other minerals. When you buy ketchup for your sandwich, read the label first and choose the one whit the least artificial substances.


You can fill your sandwich with chicken, turkey, beef, ham or fish. Chicken or turkey should be without skin and it is the healthiest if it is grilled or cooked. You should take white meat from the breast. As far as other meat and ham is concerned, you should take away the excess fat from the meat. Beef should be also cooked, roasted or grilled. The healthiest sandwich is the one with fish. You can put tuna, salmon or shrimps in it. Tuna is rich in essential amino acids and an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids.

Vegetables and Spices

You should always put some vegetables in your sandwiches. Vegetables can be fresh or grilled and you can put a lot of them. The usual vegetables which are put in a sandwich are lettuce, tomatoes and onions. However, there are plenty of other vegetables which are tasty and healthy. Such vegetables include cucumbers, cabbage, sprouts bell peppers and garlic. In order to improve the taste of your healthy sandwich you can put some spices such as basil, parsley, oregano or cayenne pepper.

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