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The following recipes are aimed at those people who have such busy schedules that they have a hard time fitting cooking healthy food into them. Luckily, the suggested meals take up to half an hour to prepare and are also very nutritious and delicious.

How to make a 30-minute chicken Marsala

The first step in preparing this chicken Marsala requires defrosting four chicken breasts the night before making this dish, and completely cleaning them from skin and bones. After that, the chicken breasts are to be kept in the fridge over night.

The next day, the preparation of this meal should begin with putting a teaspoon of pepper, a teaspoon of marjoram, half a teaspoon of salt and half a cup of flour together in a bowl. The bowl is, then, to just be put aside for the time being.

The next step involves washing the chicken breasts carefully and making sure they are completely dry before sinking them into the flour mixture.

The next thing on the list is actually frying the chicken. Firstly, of course, a chunk of butter should be melted into the frying pan and a cupful of nicely chopped fresh mushrooms should be thrown into the pan together with half a cup of chopped onions. When they are fried, they should be removed from the pan to make room for the chicken. When the chicken is golden and nicely fried, the vegetables should be returned to the pan. Then, about a quarter of a cup of dry Marsala should be added to the pan. The chicken should be left cooking for less than five minutes and then served with bread and butter.

How to make 30-minute incredible cranberry pork chops

After the frying pan has been buttered, the pork chops should be fried in it for about five minutes in moderately high heat. When they reach a somewhat golden color, they should be removed from the pan, and what’s very important is that all the fat that they have absorbed while in it should be drained from them.

When that’s done, they should be returned to the pan and covered with about half a cup of apple juice and left that way until boiling point. This is usually when the juice and the fat begin to spray around, so it’s good to have a piece of paper around to cover the pan because the pork chops should be left to boil lightly for the additional five minutes.

After that, the pork chops are to be removed for the pan again, so that a mixture of 8 oz of cranberry sauce, two teaspoons of corn starch and a spoonful of brown could be added to the juice in the pan. The mixture should be cooked for about three minutes and then smeared over the pork chops.

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