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Characteristics of Thigh Rash

Many people, especially those who areobese, tend to suffer from thigh rashes affecting mostly the placeswhere their skin is folded. This is due to the lack of light,excessive heat and moisture, as well as the absence of air. All theseconditions present excellent conditions for the development ofinflammations caused either by some less serious cases like frictionbetween different skin layers, or some more dire situations likebacterial, viral or fungal infections which take place once theinflammation gets exposed to sweat, dirt or other carriers of harmfulmicroorganisms. Either way, thigh rashes are highly unpleasant,causing itching, irritations, discomfort and even pain. Theseoccurrences escalate during the summer months, since, then, peoplesweat and get exposed to heat even more. Besides obese people,diabetics belong to the endangered group as well.

How to Treat Thigh Rashes at Home?

First and foremost, proper hygiene isan absolute must. Thus, make sure you keep your thighs, and the restof your body skin, clean and disinfected at all times. Useantibacterial soaps when you wash yourself, and make sure you cleanthe areas thoroughly, patting them dry with a clean towel afterwards.During the summer months, you might need to take warm showers severaltimes during each day, keeping your body clear of harmfulmicroorganisms, sweat and dirt. Besides using your own clean towels,you should wear clean clothes, washed regularly and properly, and donot share clothes with anyone else. Speaking of clothes, make sureyou wear those made from natural fibers. These will allow your skinto breathe and remain dry for a longer time, minimizing chances forany skin irritations since cotton is gentle to the skin.

If you do experience rashes, treat themas soon as possible. You might opt for anti-fungal, antibacterial orother antiseptic skin products, including creams, sprays etc.Alternatively, talcum powder will keep your problematic skin partsdry and less prone to irritation, providing relief in any cases ofrashes.

Finally, even though all the pieces ofadvice mentioned above may help, losing weight is the best solution,since; often this is one of the main causes of thigh rashes. Thus,give your best to change your eating habits and introduce physicalexercises into your life. This will result in more calories burnt anda decrease in weight, reducing these kinds of problems significantly.Nevertheless, if your rashes seem to be spreading, and you cannotcope with their occurrences and irritation, make sure you seekmedical assistance as soon as possible.

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