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Itchy Groin Characteristics

An itchy groin manifests itself mainly through itching and discomfort. Nevertheless, this can even be a painful condition. Caused by many different factors, such as infections, chemical reactions, and others, this condition is to be treated as soon as possible due to its capability of getting worse. Namely, the itching causes one to scratch the troublesome spot. Upon scratching, the groin skin gets thicker. Thus, the more one scratches his or her groin, the thicker groin skin is. After a longer period of itching and scratching, skin deformation and discoloring may occur, making the problem more serious. Therefore, people should know how to recognize the symptoms of this condition and take further action as soon as possible. Moreover, by knowing what causes itchy groin, you may be able to stop it from ever appearing in your life.

Reasons Behind Itchy Groin

First of all, you need to know that human groin, being moist and dark, presents an excellent environment for microorganism. Therefore, fungi or different bacteria are likely to settle there, if you allow it. Even though our body is covered in useful microorganisms, they might sometimes get out of control and endanger our health, as they do in the case of itchy groin.

As far as separate causes of this condition are concerned, there truly are many. One of them may be a fungal infection of one's groin area. This infection is called jock itch and does not affect a person's sex organ. Rather, it settles upon the upper thigh with a possibility of spreading onto the rectal area, causing irritation and discomfort. This condition mostly affects the male population.

Alternatively, some other conditions may be causing the itchy groin directly. Firstly, an eczema in the area in question may provoke itching. This usually affects babies and small children. Additionally, psoriasis, lichen simplex or some other similar conditions may be either combined with the previously mentioned, or acting alone, having the same effect upon a person's groin. Also, stress may count as a major cause. Namely, depressed, anxious and nervous people tend to scratch their groins for no specific reasons. Pubic lice, contracted from public toilets, clothing, bedsheets etc. cause serious itching, especially during the night.

Finally, some cosmetic products applied topically onto the groin area, may easily lead to irritation and therefore itching, triggered by an allergic reaction. People suffering from diabetes are likely to have an itchy groin themselves.

Possible Treatment

Prevention is the best treatment. Therefore, knowing the causes, make sure you take care of your personal hygiene and use products which will not cause any infections or problems. Wear clean clothes which fit you right and do not borrow other people's clothes. Use some antibacterial or antifungal products in order to remove the itch, and make sure you never scratch it. Lose weight if necessary, so as to decrease chances of developing any infections in the groin area.

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