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Dark Inner Thighs - Overview

Skin discoloration may affect each and every part of the body. Skin changes may be different in color and the affected areas may be lighter or darker comparing to healthy skin. Darkening of the inner thighs is a problem of many people. Dark inner thigh may be a cause of embarrassment and people who have to face it simply refuse wearing swim suit or similar clothing that may expose their thighs and make the skin changes noticeable.

There are many causes of dark inner thighs. The most common one is friction of the thighs or friction of the thighs and clothes. Furthermore, excess of sweating in the particular area may eventually lead to darkening of the skin. Some cosmetic products may cause the onset of allergy and lead to subsequent darkening of the inner thigh area. Apart from the previous and most frequent causes dark inner thighs may also be associated with heat rush, acne, boils etc.

Home Remedies for Dark Inner Thighs

There are many home remedies that can be applied and are highly efficient in lightening of the affected skin. However, it is also necessary for one to prevent recurrence of the skin darkening. This can be perfectly achieved by wearing comfortable clothes. The wardrobe is supposed to be made of natural fabrics such as cotton. Synthetic fabrics are more associated with friction and its consequences.

Efficient lightening of the affected skin can be obtained with skin bleaching and a lightening mask. The affected area can be additionally soothed with special lotions and finally, prevention of recurrence of darkening can be also achieved by an adequate cleaning and moisturizing of the particular area.

Skin bleaching can be performed with many available products. One is supposed to chose the most suitable one and stick to the rule of application. A skin lightening mask can be made of sandalwood powder and rose water. The paste is applied on the affected area and left for 20 minutes. It is then rinsed with water. And finally, a mixture of lemon juice and olive oil can be applied on a daily bases onto the affected area. This mixture is rather efficient in lightening of the skin.

Soothing lotions are supposed to be applied twice a day. Aloe vera is particularly good at soothing the inflammation. Dark changes caused by heat rash can be rubbed with ice cubes.

It is significant for a person to clean the affected area at least twice a day. Accumulated sweat, oil and dirt must be removed regularly. Cleansing is supposed to be performed with lukewarm water. The particular area can be also exfoliated once in a while. And finally, after cleansing the skin should be nourished with proper moisturizer.

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