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Facts about Fungal Rash under Breasts

If the climate is right and thecombination of other conditions take place, there are increasedchances once can suffer from a fungal rash in some parts of his/herbody. Even though, usually, men are considered to be the main riskgroup for fungal rashes, mainly those on chest, women too can sufferfrom these quite often. What is more, women tend to develop theserashes under their breasts, being quite an uncomfortable and delicateplace. These rashes are likely to cause severe itching and irritationfrom time to time. However, one needs to resist this since scratchingcan only make things worse, especially if the fungal rash is underone's breasts.

Reasons behind Fungal Rashes underBreasts

The first risk factor is heavyperspiration. Fungi is more likely to strike moist portions of skinthan those which are dry. Furthermore, if this moist area is dark andwarm, the likelihood of suffering from this kind of a rash is quitehigh.

Quite often, you need to have donesomething to the surface of your skin in order to trigger these kindsof rashes. For example, you could have injured this part of your skinor made a wound from scratching. Cutting the skin can also give wayto a fungal rash afterwards.

As for women, wearing tight or poorlyfitting bras can easily result in developing fungal rashes soonenough. These, logically, tend to take place under one's breasts.Logically, women with larger breasts or obese women, have increasedchances of suffering from a fungal rash of this type.

Additionally, a previous case of skindisorders like psoriasis, will easily give way to a fungal rash.Also, if you are already having a fungal rash on some other parts ofyour body, you can witness it spreading under your breasts in time.Finally, having a weak immune system or suffering from diabetes canall cause fungal rashes to appear on a woman's body, usually underthe breast.

A person can notice a fungal rash byobservation. It looks red, being darker on the inside and causesquite some irritation, itching and burning.

Possible Treatment

It is important not to ignore this rashsince it can remain present for years and get more resistant totreatment this way. What you can do is use anti-fungal creams orpowders on the area, keeping it clean and dry. Also, placing babypowder over it can be helpful as well as ice application for about 10minutes.

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