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Too Clean is Not Good

Even though most of us desire to have our bodies clean and safe from harmful bacteria and thus we pay close attention to our personal hygiene, taking more than three showers a day, each lasting for more than 15 minutes is not necessarily good. Namely, our bodies need to be clean and this is a fact. However, a five minute shower is more than enough for this purpose.

On the contrary, many of us spend ages showering, fearing that we might have missed a spot somewhere, or have not removed all dirt from our body. This leads to excessive dryness of the skin which can cause many skin problems like allergies, irritations, itching etc.

Thus, you need to know how to take a shower properly and how many showers you need in order to stay clean and healthy, while keeping your skin healthy as well, avoiding all the negative effects of washing too much.

Bathing Tips for a Healthy Skin

Using washing cloths on delicate areas of your body is highly recommended, especially on mucous membranes. As for the water temperature, mildly warm is optimal. The colder the water is, the better, even though you should not be exposed to excessively cold water by showering. Make it pleasantly cool or warm.

Next, you need to use products which are meant for your skin types. Use gentle cleaners which do not dry the skin. Those with oily skin need some stronger cleansers like soaps made for that kind of skin, applied over specific areas.

Finally, sometimes, it is best to skip a shower, if possible, during the weeks in winter. A single day without showering can let your skin regenerate with its natural oils. However, do this only when you know that you will not sweat excessively, be exposed to dirt or do any other things which may soil your skin.

All in all, you need to stay clean and have your body free from all the dirt we get exposed to daily. However, too much of anything cannot be good, and the same goes for bathing. The bast way of taking care of personal hygiene is to take short showers, with cool or pleasantly warm water, using the best cosmetic cleansing products which are made for your exact skin type. Be gentle towards your skin and clean it properly, keeping it healthy and well.

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