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Facts about Heat Rashes

During the summer, we tend to sweat alot. Logically, this happens due to the high temperatures around us,causing our body to react this way. However, this sweating does notpass without sometimes leaving permanent marks on our body. In fact,too much sweat on our body, combined with excessive heat, may causethe so called heat rashes on the surface of our skin. There areseveral different causes of heat rashes. Yet, mostly, these appear onone's neck, chest and back. These can be quite uncomfortable everyoneshould get rid of their heat rashes as soon as possible, preventingany escalation of this pestering skin problem.

Reasons behind Heat Rashes

Basically, skin rashes can be causes bymany factors. Some of these are wearing clothes made of polyester orsome other unnatural material, especially during summer. Anothercause of these rashes is wearing clothes which are too tight, makingyour skin perspiration hard, or even impossible. Namely, our skinneeds to breathe and this process takes place through the pores onour skin. Since our body needs to regulate our temperature and reduceit by producing sweat, this sweat needs to evaporate in order forproper perspiration to take place. However, if the sweat stays on thesurface of our body for any of the reasons given above, it returnsback into the pores, clogging them and reaching the inside of ourskin. Subsequently, a heat rash takes place, due to all thesefactors.

How To Treat a Heat Rash

There are many things you can do inorder to save your skin from these annoying rashes. Since heat is oneof the main causes of this problem, you should find a way of coolingyour skin in order to remove the heat rash. For this purpose, youmight take a cold shower, apply ice cubes wrapped in a piece ofcotton cloth or, simply spend time in cool, air-conditionedsurroundings. You need to clean your pores and keep them cool as wellas dry. This is why cool showers are the best possible solution.

Alternatively, you might take a coolbath adding oatmeal powder or baking soda to it. This will provideyou with relief and will cause the annoying itching of your rash tocease. Make sure you soak your body in such a bath for about half anhour.

Also, there are many lotions, creamsand powders which can be purchased over-the-counter, all being veryhelpful in these situations. Finally, since prevention is the bestcure, you are to stay out of the extreme heat, avoiding spending tomuch time in such environments, keep your skin clean and cool,allowing it good perspiration by wearing the right clothes and leavelarge portions of your skin uncovered during summer and hot parts ofthe year.

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