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Underarm Rash

We will talk about a very irritating and uncomfortable problem called underarmrash, which causes itching, odor and pain. This issue can be developed due toseveral reasons, such as fungus, poison, disease, tight clothes, sweat, heatand allergies. Treatment of this problem will depend on the proper diagnosis ofthe problem and its causes. If you are certain of the cause, the problem can becured at home, but doctors must be consulted if you are not sure of the cause.

Causes and Treatment

The most common cause of the problem is allergic reaction due to the use of fragrantoil, soap, deodorant or some similar item, which has come in contact with theunderarm skin. Rubbing of the skin and clothes can also lead to the problem athand. The skin can be aggravated by clothes that have detergent on it and that hasstayed on the clothes for certain period of time. Rash is caused by allergicreactions developed due to the contact with allergens and this contacthas to be avoided in order to cure the problem, although medication will be neededas well. You will also find relief in the Hydrocortisone creams.

Next possiblecause is heat rash, which develops red, painless and tiny bumps as are aresult of wet and hot conditions. This area of the body needs to be cool anddry in order to eliminate this problem. There are some medications that can beused as well, along with the talcum powder. Folliculitis is also a possiblecause and this is a hair follicles infection. If you shave armpit with an unclean shaving instrument, this area can become infected because of thebruises created in this region of the body. This can also occur due to the skinfriction of this area. Do not shave if you have this problem, and after sometime, you will have to introduce antibiotic ointment, which will cure theinfection.

Fungal infection can lead to inflamed, flaky and patchy skin. Fungalinfection usually develops in this area do to the good conditions, no light anddamp conditions, and it leads to itchy and red rash. Use Lotrim or otheranti-fungal clotrimazole based cream on the clean underarm skin and see adoctor if this does not eliminate the underarm rash. One of the rare causes ofunderarm rash is ichthyosis treatment, which is done for elimination of thescales and dry skin of the armpit. These scales can flake of and cause a rash, but this is prevented with this treatment. This problem, called ichthyosis is associatedwith some types of cancer, AIDS and hypothyroidism. Propylene glycol andsalicylic acid is used for the treatment of this problem and this will preventthe underarm rash or treat it if it appears. The armpit needs to be clean and dry and remember to always see a professionalwho will make a proper diagnosis of the problem. Never use deodorants, harshsoaps, perfumes and cosmetic products during the healing period. Make the skin"breathe" by wearing loose clothes with soft and natural fibers. Usemedicated powders to pat the armpits dry after a bath or a shower.

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