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Characteristics of Mild Body Acne

In contrary of other, more serioustypes of acne, the mild ones are not present on bodythroughout a longer period of time. Rather, they are connected tospecific seasons, especially the winter. When it is cold outside andthere is no sun, people dress in multiple layers of different typesof clothing. Therefore, one's skin is almost constantly concealed anddeprived of fresh air.

Furthermore, during the summer, besideswearing clothing which enables our skin to breathe, we get exposed tothe sun more. Sun rays can do wonders for skin, and the samegoes for making body acne disappear. Moreover, during thesummer periods, we tend to go out and bathe in swimming pools, seasand other open waters, which can do their part in drying out our bodyacne and making them vanish.

Improper or insufficient hygiene adds onto the list of possible acne triggers, bearing in mind that manypeople tend to bathe less frequently during winter. Finally, duringthis season we tend to migrate from cold to warm temperatures moreoften, causing our body to sweat, and provoking the formation of mildacne inside pores.

This type of acne mostly affects back and chest. This is mostly related to the body hygiene. Bathing is crucial, since bydoing this, we remove all the dead skin remains from our body,allowing our skin to breathe freely and to be clean. However, once theseconditions are not available, the dead skin clogs skin pores,causing inflammations and therefore acne. Nevertheless, one shouldnot overdo with bathing either. Cleaning your skin too often may notgive it enough time to regenerate and balance its pH values, thuscausing numerous different skin issues.

Treating Mild Acne

Most of the approaches against mildacne development involve proper hygiene. Therefore, bathe at leastonce a day, using gentle brushes or sponges in combination withantibacterial soaps in order to wash the dead skin from your body.Make sure you wipe yourself with a clean, dry towel afterwards.

Also, whenever you start sweating,remove any additional pieces of clothing you may be wearing in orderto help your body feel more comfortable. Try to wear clothes madefrom natural fibers, as these allow your skin to breathe freely.Finally, whenever there is sun outside, enjoy it, and let your skinenjoy it too, it will help it regenerate. Use summer periods to helpyour skin clean itself by bathing in the sea and spending timewithout wearing excessive clothing. If all that fails, seek help froma dermatologist.

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