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Characteristics of Hot Tub Rash

Many people develop rashes after havinga bath, swimming in the pool, or even using sponges for bathing. Allthese cases of rashes stem from certain bacteria inhabiting thesegrounds. These might be found in dirty water and soil, attacking the body hair follicles and thus triggering the rashes. Luckily,this skin condition is not a serious one, and its treatment is quitesimple and successful in many cases.

Manifestations of Hot Tub Rash

As far as appearance is concerned,having a hot tub rash involves developing redness around certainarea of your hair follicles. The follicle itself may get swollen andfilled with puss. As the infection advances, the pain and irritationdo too, starting from being a bit itchy, all the way to beingextremely discomforting. Also, at this stage, the redness spreads,having pus presence as a side-effect.

If contracted by water while spendingtime on a swimming pool or in similar situations, this condition getsmost severe in the spots covered by swimming suits. This is due tothe prolonged exposure of the body parts under these pieces ofclothing. Alternatively, along with the rashes, fevers may occur,although these cases are rare. Interestingly enough, once a persongets infected by these bacteria, he or she is not able to transferthem onto others, not even by touching someone with a part of bodywith a rash.

How To Do Away With Hot Tub Rash?

As mentioned above, this condition doesnot demand medical treatment. Rather all a person should do is keepthe rash clean and avoid irritating it further. Thus, make sure youwash the rash gently with clean water and an antibacterial soap.Also, you may consider applying vinegar compresses onto thetroublesome spot, twice a day for a 20 minute sessions. This willrelieve you of pain and will decrease the existence of the rashsignificantly. Avoid scratching the itchy spot. In order to helpyourself with this, you may take some topical medications whichprevent itching and reduce the effect of rashes. Finally, make surethe water in your hot tub is clean and do not leave it waiting for toolong. Do not ever bathe in the same water twice, since this bacteriumis easily found even in cleanest of tubs and waters, let alone dirtyones. Proper hygiene is crucial for your health in many differentaspects, including this one.

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