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Information on Quinoa

Quinoa is often mistaken for a type of grain but it isactually the seed of a leafy plant which comes from the same family of plantsas spinach does. It is an amazing source of energy because it is jam packedwith calories and it is a very healthy food items. Some people consider quinoaas a pseudograin or a pseudocereal. It is an organic food item and itoriginates from the mountains of Ecuador. It resembles a grain and it is small,yellow and round. Quinoa easily boosted the stamina of the Inca warriorsbecause it can be cooked in just a few minutes. Quinoa is an excellent sourceof proteins and it is one of the few food items which contain all ninedifferent types of essential amino acids. It is also highly recommended forvegans because of the abundance of proteins it contains. It also containsplenty of lysine which is very important for the overall health of tissues.Quinoa provides the body with a feeling of fullness for prolonged periods oftime because its carbohydrates get released rather slowly. That is the mainreason why it is recommended for those watch their weight.

Nutrition Facts for Quinoa

Quinoa may come in very handy for all those who suffer fromatherosclerosis, diabetes and migraines. It is an excellent source of magnesiumand vitamin B2 which provide the body with the precious energy and reduce thefrequency of migraines. Magnesium prevents hypertension, cardiac arrhythmia andischemic heart disease and it also improves the functioning of the entirecardiovascular system. Quinoa may reduce high blood pressure and high levels ofcholesterol, especially in post menopausal women. Quinoa is also an excellentsource of copper and manganese which may come in very handy when it comes tofighting the free radicals and reducing the damage they cause. It may alsoreduce the risk of gallstones in female patients.

Sprouted Quinoa Nutritional Facts

Quinoa paste was used for the treatment of wounds,appendicitis and motion sickness. Quinoa poultice can be used for the treatmentof broken bones while sprouted quinoa contains plenty of dietary fiber,phosphorus, manganese, copper, zinc, thiamine, magnesium, niacin and vitaminB6. It contains no gluten at all.

Red Quinoa Nutritional Facts

Red quinoa is the rarest type of quinoa. It can be used fornumerous dishes and recipes and it is an excellent source of vitamin B2,vitamin B9 and dietary fibers.

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