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This article will talk about a very healthy food calledquinoa. It is used as cereals although it is not a grain. The properties that promote health and cure illnesses have been recently discovered in the quinoa.It does not come from grasses like grains, but it does look like a grain. Thequinoa comes from a chenopodium quinoa and they are seeds of this plant. Genuschenopodium and family amaranthaceous is where this plant belongs to. Thequinoa was a part of the Incas nutrition and it has been found in the South AmericaAndes Mountains. We will see what benefits a human body can obtain from theseseeds.


The quinoa can be consumed canned, cooked, sprouted, steamed, raw or in someother form. You can put it in a salad and it can be found during the wholeyear. The nutrition facts are similar to the all forms of quinoa, but there maybe some differences between the sprouted and raw, for example. The quinoa islow on sodium and it has no cholesterol, sugar or saturated fat. Phosphorus,copper, iron, magnesium and manganese are some of the minerals and vitamins that quinoa contains. It can also eliminate free radicals since it has antioxidantabilities. It also aids digestion and gives the body energy due to the complexcarbohydrates. These carbohydrates will also give you a long-lasting sense of fullness.It has magnesium, so it is very good for those with arthrosclerosis, which canalso prevent cardiovascular diseases and headaches. It is a good source ofdietary fiber and it can fight against fungal and bacterial infection. Problemslike high blood pressure and obesity can also be avoided if quinoa is consumedregularly. The energy in the body will be increased due to the riboflavin that quinoa has. It can reduce pain, prevent gallstones, reduce risk of diabetes andprevent childhood asthma. Quinoa is very beneficial due to its nine essentialamino acids, foliate and vitamin C. This is a gluten free seed, so those withallergic reactions can consume it as well. The names used for quinoa are motherof all grains and the gold of the Incas, so you can see how beneficial it is.


There are red, black and white types of quinoa and they are similar innutritional sense. Also there are leaves of the quinoa plant, but they are hardto be found. If you find them, use them as every other vegetable. There are 626calories in 170g of quinoa, while there are 33.6 calories in 28g of cookedquinoa. There are also 222 calories in 185g of cooked quinoa, while there are127 calories in 3.7 oz. of cooked quinoa. Also, in 43g of uncooked quinoa, thereare 160 calories. But know that the protein level is higher in the raw sproutedquinoa than in the cooked one. We advise you to use sprouted due to thisinformation.We hope that you will enjoy in this nutty flavor of quinoa and remember that 3or 4 cups of cooked quinoa can be obtained from one cup of dry and uncooked quinoa.

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