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Information on Eggs

Eggs are known for their exceptional nutritional value.There are some which may complain about the high amounts of cholesterolcontained in the eggs, though. There are many people who start their day byeating an egg, because it is a good and inexpensive source of proteins.

Nutrition Facts of Eggs - Hard Boiled

A hardboiled egg consists of 62 percent fats, 35 percentproteins and 3 percent carbohydrates. It also contains 4 percent of dailyrequirements for calories, 23 percent of selenium, 13 percent of proteins, 3percent of copper, 8 percent of fat, 4 percent of zinc, 70 percent ofcholesterol, 5 percent of vitamin A, 3 percent of sodium, 4 percent of vitaminD, 2 percent of potassium, 2 percent of vitamin E, 10 percent of phosphorus, 2percent of thiamin, 2 percent of magnesium, 14 percent of riboflavin, 5 percent of iron, 6 percent of folate, 3percent of calcium, 4 percent of vitamin B6, 1 percent of manganese, 11 percentof vitamin B12 and 7 percent of panthothenic acid. It does not contain anydietary fiber.

Eggs Nutritional Benefits - Raw

A raw egg consists of 63 percent fats, 35 percent proteinsand 2 percent carbohydrates. It also contains 4 percent of daily requirementsfor calories, 22 percent of selenium, 13 percent of proteins, 3 percent ofsodium, 8 percent of fat, 2 percent of potassium, 71 percent of cholesterol, 6percent of vitamin A, 9 percent of phosphorus, 3 percent of vitamin E, 1percent of magnesium, 2 percent of thiamin, 3 percent of iron, 15 percent ofriboflavin, 2 percent of calcium, 5 percent of folate, 4 percent of zinc, 7percent of pantothenic acid, 1 percent of manganese, 3 percent of vitamin B6and 9 percent of vitamin B12. Just like when its hardboiled, an egg does not containany dietary fiber in its raw form either.

Other Information

One can easily see that eggs are an excellent source ofnumerous different types of nutrients which are very beneficial for the overallhealth. The white of each large egg may contain up to 17 calories, while theyolk of the same egg yields approximately 59 calories. A large hardboiled eggmay contain somewhere around 74 calories. If a person prefers fried eggs, thatsame egg will contain 92 calories when fried. A large egg contains up to 100calories when scrambled.

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