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This is a seed that has a creamy, fluffy and somewhat crunchy texture. It isnot very popular in the kitchen today, but it can be acquired in the food storeswith healthy food. This seed has a slightly nut flavor when tasted and it belongs to the green vegetables like Swiss chard or spinach. Quinoa iscommonly considered to be a grain, but it certainly is "the gold of theIncas", which is the popular name for this seed.

Benefits of Quinoa

This grain comes from the South America, where it held the name just mentioned.It was popular in these times for strength gaining. Warriors used this grainfor stamina increase. It has complete protein, which is aprotein with nine essential amino acids. It also has amino acid called lysine,which is crucial for the repair and growth of the tissue. This grain has manyother good nutrients, and it has high amounts of phosphorous, copper, iron andmagnesium, which makes it good for elimination of problems likeatherosclerosis, diabetes and migraine headaches.

Including quinoa is a good idea for those with frequent migraine headaches. Themagnesium will promote relaxation of the blood vessels and it will prevent therebound and constriction of migraines. Taking magnesium will reduce the numberof headaches suffered. Riboflavin is located in the quinoa and it willpromote production of energy in the cells. It will also make headaches lessfrequent. The use of this grain will be beneficial on the cardiovascular health. Thishappens especially because of the magnesium in this grain.

It will affect theheart arrhythmias, ischemic heart disease and hypertension rate. Woman in menopause, especially those with high level of cholesterol, need totake quinoa no less than six times during one week. By doing this, they willslow down the stenosis progression and also make it lesser. Two minerals that are co-factors for the superoxide dismutase enzyme are copperand manganese and both of them can be found in quinoa. This enzyme is antioxidant that guards cells, like blood cells, against injury from free radical. Also it guardsthe mitochondria from damage.

Use of quinoa can reduce the chances of gallstones creation. One study showedthat fiber high food will reduce the chances of this problem. Those whoincluded insoluble fiber gained even more protection from this problem.Professionals think that this happens because of the increased intestinaltransit time, increased insulin sensitivity, secretion reduction and loweringof the triglycerides. Insoluble fibers can be located in vegetables and fruits like pears, berries, apples, cucumbers, tomatoes, and other. They can also befound in nuts.

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