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Sesame is one of the most popular spices in the world and it is commonly used for flavoring various different types of food items and dishes. It is commonly included in many cuisines of the world. It is mainly used in hot climates and it comes from the sesame plant. It has a special aroma so that is why it is used so frequently.

Sesame Seeds Nutritional Value

Sesame seeds may be purchased in a wide variety of colors. Sesame seeds are very rich in oil, and it is a lesser known fact that half a cup of sesame seeds contains three times more calcium than a cup of milk. Even though sesame seeds are used extensively as a spice, there are not a lot of people who pay attention to the fact that they may contain significant amounts of calories. An ounce of sesame seeds contains somewhere between 270 and 300 calories. Black sesame seeds are much healthier than their white counterparts because they contain significantly fewer calories. An ounce of black sesame seeds contains somewhere around 120 calories. Sesame seeds do not contain any alcohol, and they contain sodium and sugar only in significantly small amounts. An ounce of sesame seeds contains 27.4 micrograms of folate, 0.2 milligrams of vitamin B6, 280 calories, 9 grams of proteins, 10 grams of carbohydrates, 24 grams of fat, 360 milligrams of potassium, 308 milligrams of phosphorus, 5.2 milligrams of iron, 580 milligrams of calcium, 2.7 milligrams of niacin, 1.07 milligrams of vitamin B and 15 International Units of vitamin A.

Sesame Seeds Health Benefits

Sesame seeds are highly beneficial for the overall health of the human body because they are an excellent source of manganese, phosphorus, iron, copper, calcium and magnesium. They are very efficient in strengthening the bones and improving the bowel movements. Sesame seeds may also come in very handy for all those who want to put on some weight. They are also highly beneficial because they prevent numerous different types of heart central nervous system related diseases. Sesame seeds are also very efficient in maintaining proper health and elasticity of the skin. They may also be of great help when it comes to protecting the liver, maintaining proper blood pressure, reducing the migraines, supporting the blood vessels, reducing the incidence of asthma attacks and many others. Sesame seeds are highly recommended for all those who suffer from various different types of digestive problems.

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