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How to avoid sweaty palms

A lot of people have problems with their palms being too sweaty. Problems for these people occur when it is the time to shake hands after a business meeting for instance or meet a date. Sweaty palms occur because of the excessive sweating. Even though this condition is quite irritating, people should not lose hope because it can be cured. Doctors will usually recommend some medications but a person should know that he or she can get rid of the sweaty palms by simply making some lifestyle changes. There are certain remedies that are vital for solving this problem.

Things not to do

First of all, a person should know that there are things that influence the occurrence of sweaty palms and that he or she should avoid doing them. Coffee, tea and sweetened beverages have a massive effect on this problem. If a person consumes a lot of these beverages, he or she should definitely reduce the amount of their intake and that will result in less sweaty palms. Another thing that should be avoided are hand lotions and creams. A person with sweaty palms should never use antiperspirants as well. People who smoke should definitely quit because it leads to sweaty palms. People who stop smoking will see quick results. People who suffer from some psychiatric illness should talk to a doctor and find out whether some medications are causing the sweaty palms.

Things to do

People who do not exercise should start doing so because that way they will control the sweating. Relaxation is also a very important part of the process of getting rid of sweaty palms. Both mind and the body need a proper amount of rest in order to function normally. A person should also stay in the house as much as possible during the day time because by doing so he or she will maintain a normal body temperature. Any increase of the body temperature may lead to palm sweating. A lot of water should be drank. This is very important because the water will cool the body and thus lessen the chance of excessive sweating.


A person with sweaty palms should try smearing talcum powder between the palms, because the powder will soak up the moisture.

The hands should be wiped as often as possible and a person should use soft cotton hand towels for such a purpose. Tissue papers should be avoided because they do not soak as much as cloth does.

If none of the tips or advices do help, a person should go and see a doctor about some medications.

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