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Sweaty palmcondition and treatment

Palmerhyperhidrosis, or sweaty palms, signifies the over-production of sweat by theglands located in the hands. While it is an embarrassing, uncomfortable,unpleasant and sometimes debilitating ailment, it is also curable and can betreated by multitude of methods.

SweatyPalms may also influence the confidence, self esteem and social ability of thesufferer. The moisture on the palms canalso lead to uncomfortable situations when a social etiquette such as handshaking is practiced.

Methodssuch as iontophoresis and Botox injections may be steeply priced, but areeffective. Avoidance of invasive surgery is, however, possible, as certainnon-invasive methods do exist. The internet frequently misinforms personslooking for these methods, and it is often difficult to differentiate correctfrom incorrect information on this subject.

One ofthese methods consists of applying baking soda to the arms after they have beenwashed, as the soda can absorb the excess sweat. An avoidance of caffeine issuggested, as this chemical can lead to more sweat production.

Effectiveways of treating Palmer hyperhidrosis

Forcompletely successful treatment of this condition, several steps could betaken. The first involves utilizing very potent antiperspirants, which areusually successful. However, these sorts of products must be medically prescribed,and do not function with the more complicated cases of sweaty hands.

Asmentioned above, several medical treatments are encountered when searching fora remedy for sweaty palms – Botox injections and iontophoresis. The formerinvolves injections that treat the clogged sweat glands, disallowing anymoisture to seep through. This procedure is often used, but is quite expensive.The other procedure mentioned has been utilized for a long period of time, andwhile it is not known exactly how this procedure functions, it seems to providepositive results. It involves the placement of the hands in a water pool, andthen running a slight electrical current trough the water which causes thesweat glands to go numb. This method is not always effective, and is also highin cost.

To treatthis ailment naturally, and inexpensively, certain treatments such as the aforementioned baking soda can be used. Their main advantage, besides the price, is thefact that these treatments slowly remedy the issue without aggressive treatmentforms like blockage of the sweat glands. More details on this subject can befound on “Stop Sweating and Start Living”, as well as different steps foralleviating the sweaty palm condition.

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