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First of all, people should know that night sweats are not that big of a problem and they occur quite often. This is one of the most common problems that primary care physicians hear about. Usually there is no underlying condition that causes a man to sweat during the night, therefore it is easily treatable.

Understand why we sweat

There are two reasons why all people sweat and those are to get rid of the unnecessary toxins from the system and in order to cool the temperature of the body. When a person sweats, the heat leaves the body and the temperature goes back to normal. However, there are some other factors that contribute to the sweating.

Natural triggers of night sweats in men

There are lots of contributors that cause a man to sweat but some of them that occur most often are alcoholic beverages, spicy foods, caffeinated beverages and stress. Men who sweat a lot after the consumption of spicy foods should not consume such foods at least three hours before going to bed. Lots of water should be consumed as well because water will aid the rinsing of the residue from these foods from the system.

Alcoholic beverages get the toxins into a person's system no matter how responsibly that person might consume these beverages. A person who sweats profoundly during the night after he had drank a lot of alcohol should reduce its consumption.

Another beverage that should not be drank before going to sleep is any beverage that contains caffeine. Caffeine will only increase the sweating and the perspiration during the night. A person's temperature will also rise. Medical triggers of night sweats in men

Apart from the adolescence and menopause, infection is what causes most clinical night sweats. When the system is fighting the infection the temperature rises. Through sweating the infection leaves the body. Both serious infections like tuberculosis or abscesses and minor ones cause night sweating.

After the infections, medications cause most night sweats. A lot of people do not read the label of the medications and because of that they are not aware that night sweats are some of the most common side effect. Apart from infections and medications, diabetes and hypoglycemia can also cause night sweats.

Andropause also causes night sweats in men but the scientists are still looking into that matter.

Take common sense steps to relieve night sweats in men

There are a couple of simple steps a person can take in order to avoid night sweats. Wearing cotton or linen clothes will reduce the chance of night sweats. A glass of water near the bed and better air circulation will also make a difference. The temperature of the room should also be checked.

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