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We, humans, being social creatures, greet each other through a specific number of rituals. For people we do not know that good, or even those who are our close friends, a firm handshake is the common ceremony. The same goes for the process of meeting new people and getting acquainted. However, the whole procedure may be awkward once you have a sweaty palms problem since this effect can be quite negative during many aspects of your interaction with other living and inanimate entities.

What Leads to Sweaty Palms?

Sweating is nothing bad, most of the times. Basically, our body uses sweating in order to perspire and regulate bodily temperature. However, excessive sweating for no particular reason can be a sign of an underlying health issue. Palmar hyperhydrosis is the medical name of this phenomenon. The main reason behind this health issue has not yet been pinpointed, even though many experts claim that this disorder has something to do with the sympathetic nervous system and its sweat gland controlling aspects. However, sweaty palms can also be triggered by obesity, anxiety, febrile illnesses, thyroid gland problems etc.

All in all, many different factors may hide behind this hyperhydrosis problem. Thus, many different solutions may help you to keep your palms dry and your self-confidence unharmed.

How to Get Rid of Sweaty Palms?

If anxiety and nervousness in general are triggering your sweaty palms condition, you are advised to counter this through meditation, yoga or other means of relaxation. Once you learn to control your anxiety levels, you will be less affected by sweaty palms. Yet, if these fail to work, you can always try some of the following alternatives.

First of all, aluminum chloride paint is the common ingredient in antiperspirant products. Therefore, this substance is ideal for your purposes, once you apply it on the surface of your palms. Moreover, it is cheap and easily obtainable in almost every market out there.

Herbal remedies

As for herbal remedies, sage is known to be very effective not only with sweaty palms, but with mouth sores and tonsillitis, as well as feet odor issues. Sage tea will help you with your sweaty palms problem. This drink can be easily prepared. All you need to do is pour a pint of water over a teaspoon of dry sage leaves in a warm pot. Cover the container and leave it like that for about 15 minutes. Consume the tea for about three days and your sweaty palms issue will be gone.

Soaking your problematic hands in a solution of warm water and three tablespoons of epsom salt can help you get rid of this problem. Finally, you may use antiperspirant on the surface of your palms, or undergo iontophoresis, an electric current exposure which prevents sweating in the palm area.

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