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An Embarrassing State of Affairs

If you are suffering from excessive sweating of your palms, you know how uncomfortable this can be. Every time you are about to shake hands with somebody you have to be afraid getting into an awkward situation. Also, numerous other things make this phenomenon the one unwanted in your life. There are several different things you can do in order to stop your hands from sweating excessively. If you are interested in helping yourself, or, perhaps, someone you care about, read on.

Treatment for Sweaty Palms

The most effective method known is iontophoresis. This procedure involves exposing your hands to 9V electric current. This current will not be able to cause you harm or pain. Nevertheless, it will stop your sweating by shocking your sweat ducts so that they close temporarily. All you need to do is place your hands onto the device. After the therapy, you will enjoy dry hands for about 6 weeks.

Another thing you might consider is applying your underarm antiperspirant onto your hands. What works for your armpits is likely to work for your hands as well. Thus, you might benefit from rubbing some of this cosmetic substance into your palms and hands. This is known to help in less radical cases of sweaty palms.

Stress is quite a common reason behind palm sweating. So, if you tend to be anxious or aggravated often, you need to know how to relax yourself. There are many different stress relief techniques you might want to try. Some of them may prove to be more than useful.

Alternatively, you can boil 5 bags of tea into 200ml of water and soak your hands into the product, once it cools down a bit. Once you immerse your hands in the tea, keep it there for about 20 minutes. Drinking tea regularly can be quite beneficial for people who have sweaty palms as well.

Your palm problems may stem from excessive iodine in your system. Thus, you might want to try and avoid eating garlic, asparagus, beef, turkey and broccoli. If you see a positive effect afterwards, it will be worth it.

Finally, do not use baby powder in order to stop your hands from sweating. Many people opt for this one, and get disappointed once they realize that, instead of having sweat on the surface of their hands, they have a mixture of sweat and baby powder. Thus, avoid this method, but give the rest of the above mentioned a chance.

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