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There are lots of people in the world who suffer from itchy palms. These people know that this particular problem is quite irritating.

How dangerous are itchy palms

There are some cultures in the world who believe that an itching palm is a sign of forthcoming fortune. A person who believes in this will be happy when he or she notices that his or her palm starts to itch. However, if the itchiness persists and does not go away day after day, a person may become less happy and will need to treat the itchiness in order to avoid suffering from any complications. In most cases no complications will occur. However, if there is an underlying cause of the itchiness and sores, there might be some complications. Knowing the cause of the itchiness is therefore quite important.

Causes of itchy palms and soles on feet

First of all, people should know that anyone can succumb to the itchy palms. Both old people and young are known to suffer from this inconvenience. People should get to know the causes that lead to itchy palms.

Allergies are one of the main reasons why people suffer from itchy soles and feet. The main reason why that is so, is because of people’s reaction to soap or detergent or cosmetics. Certain substances like rubber and nickel are also known to cause an allergic reaction. A person who is allergic to certain foods will also end up with itchy palms if he or she touches the foods.

Athlete's foot and skin problems

Athlete’s foot is another reason why people end up with itchy palms and soles. In this case, a person will suffer from severe itching of the feet. As the name says, a person will suffer from itchiness in feet but if a person’s immune system is a weak one, he or she may end up with itchy palms when he or she touches the feet.

Dry skin is also known to cause itchy palms and soles. This is pretty common among old people and the main reason why that is so, is because old people lack moisture.

Apart from these causes, a person may end up with itchy palms and sole due to vitamin deficiency and psoriasis.

Treatment for itchy palms and soles

The type of treatment for this problem will be determined by the cause. This is why it is important for the real cause to be discovered. However, certain things people can do in order to avoid this problem, like keeping the feet and hands moist and clean.

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