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Introduction to sweaty palms

There are the many people who suffer from sweaty palms and sweaty hands in general This is called palmar hyperhidrosis.

Even though it is not a serious or life-threatening problem, it is embarrassing and bothersome. Sometimes a person will be embarrassed by the condition, especially if they are businesspeople or people who have to shake the hands of others very frequently.

It can turn into a very awkward situation both professionally and personally for some people.

In order to find a wait to prevent the hands and palms from sweating excessively, usually, the person has to know what is causing this problem.

Sweating, as we all know, is the body’s way of cooling itself off. The body begins to sweat when it is overheated and when the sweat evaporates, the skin is then cooler.

Sweat is produced according to the amount that the body demands, which is why people sweat during strenuous activities and while playing sports, because the body temperature rises from the activity and more sweat is needed to cool it off.

However, it must be remembers that the system of sweat glands is enormous and there are four million sweat glands in the entire body. Because of this, there is a really small chance that all of them will function perfectly.

Sometimes, certain sweat glands can overproduce or underproduce sweat.

When there is too much sweating going on, that is called hyperhidrosis, and often times it is a genetic condition that runs in the family.

However, it is not always recognized as strictly being a hereditary condition. Sometimes it can be caused by an illness, however, the prime cause of the condition tends to be obesity.

The more overweight a person is, the more they will sweat usually.

It is also interest to note that sweating always happens symmetrically. As you will notice, it is never a case that one hand is sweaty and the other one isn’t, they both sweat at the same time.

Hyperhidrosis is related to an overactive and sympathetic nervous system as well.


If the problem is mild, then usually it can be taken care of with some antiperspirant on the hands.

Sometimes it can be a side effect from some kind of medication a person is taking.

Another home remedy that can be used is cornstarch. That some cornstarch or some talcum powder and clap them between the palms. There are also medicated powders available that help to soak up the moisture being produced.

The best antiperspirants to sue are unscented aluminum salt-based ones, and they work great, especially if they are specifically designed for the palms.

If the sweating is severe and nothing is helping, then it is best to see a medical professional about the problem, since there can be other medical problems causing the excessive sweating.

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