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Excessive sweating and the main causes

Sweating or perspiration is a perfectly normal process,which is necessary in order for the body to maintain the appropriatetemperature, but there are people who simply sweat excessively, and in suchcases, they probably suffer from the problem commonly known as hyperhidrosis. Numerousfactors might provoke excessive sweating, starting from physical activitiesthat result in exertion, medications and medical conditions, all the way tostress, anxiety, or genetic factors. Sweating is typically present in theunderarms, palms and feet, but it can be present on the back or face as well.What makes it even more uncomfortable and distressing is the fact that wetstains can be seen on the clothes and even worse, unpleasant odor mightaccompany it.

Ways to prevent sweating

Perhaps it will be useful to find out a bit more about somenatural ways to prevent excessive sweating. As for the underarm area, it mightbe helpful to try first with the use of antiperspirants that have aluminumchloride as an ingredient. The fact is that they do not necessarily work foreveryone, but they should be given a chance. Ordinary deodorants do not preventsweating, they can only be helpful with hiding foul odor. In caseantiperspirants do not provide any results, talcum or alum powder should begiven a try, and it needs to be sprinkled right after showering. Lightclothes made of cotton are ideal for people who have this problem, becausesynthetic materials only increase overproduction of sweat. Even though it mightsound weird, rubbing a potato slice or dabbing vinegar onto the underarms helpsin preventing underarm sweating and foul odor.

Lotions and moisturizers that are based on clay are highlyadvised for people who want to prevent excessive facial sweating. Aloe vera isbeneficial with this problem as well, and the juice needs to be applied on theface, left to dry and rinsed with cool water.

In case a person wants to prevent excessive sweating ofpalms or feet, talcum powder might be helpful before wearing socks, which shouldbe clean and light. There are foot sprays that help with excessive sweating, whilefor sweaty palms a good solution is the use of antiperspirants that are basedon aluminum chloride, or dust talcum powders. Medications are helpful when the condition is caused by somegenetic factor, but they should not be used without previous consultations withthe doctor.

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