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Introduction to underarm sweat

When a person sweats, what is actually happening is that the body is cooling itself off through a natural process. When the body is feeling excessive amounts of heat, water is secreted from sweat glands and forms sweat.

The sweat appears on the skin and this cools off the body. However, there are many people who suffer from a condition called hyperhidrosis, which is an excessive amount of sweating.

It is usually visible in the armpit region, where a person tends to sweat the most. The sweat will soak the close and produce, sometimes embarrassing, sweat stains around the armpit region.

Even though sweating is one of the most natural phenomenon’s in the world, it is still treatable.

There are both natural and medical treatments to reduce the amount of sweating a person experiences underneath the armpits.

There are not only home remedies, but there are also surgeries that can be undertaken to stop the problem, although, natural treatments are much more highly recommended.

The excessive sweating is sometimes a result of hypertension or issues with the nervous system.

It can also be due to the fact that a person is overweight, or can even be the result of a systematic disease.

Home remedies

A person’s diet is important for reducing sweating. It is important to eat less spicy foods and to eat a lot of fiber and fresh food, especially fruits and vegetables.

If a person is sweating excessively, then it is important that they begin wearing clothes that breath more. People need to wear cotton clothes, because they will soak the sweat up and let air pass through, which will reduce the body temperature and the amount of sweating.

Synthetic materials should be avoided at all costs, because they will make a person hotter by increasing the body temperature and causing even more sweating.

A good home remedy is to put some lime juice and apple cider vinegar under the arms at night and then wash it off in the morning.

The best kinds of deodorants to use are alum based ones, because they will not only control sweating, but also reduce bad odors coming from that area.

Sometimes, waxing the underarm area and keeping it hairless will help with sweating problems. Another good home remedy is putting a few cups of tomato juice in the bath and soaking in it for several minutes.

It is also important to avoid drinking alcohol, caffeine products and smoking cigarettes, because they all increase the body temperature and are generally unhealthy.

Green tea is good at reducing the amount of sweating a person experiences.

Another good way to relax the body and decrease its temperature is by swimming regularly.

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