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Sweaty armpits are a problem than none of us wants to cross ways with. Even though sweating is normal and helps our body reduce its temperature, excessive sweating can be quite embarrassing, especially in public places or at some important occasions. Excessive sweating is a condition called hyperhydrosis and it can affect many parts of our body. Commonly, however, it affects the armpits, being referred to as axillary hyperhydrosis.

Reasons behind Sweaty Armpits

There are two major types of this sweating disorder. One is triggered by genetics,appearing during teenage or adolescent age. This type of hyperhydrosis is called primary. Secondary hyperhydrosis stems from some other factors like anxiety, diet, caffeine and nicotine etc. Therefore, secondary hyperhydrosis may appear at any point of a person's life, taking place due to gland disorders, diabetes, gout, menopause, medications or the above mentioned factors. Sometimes, the reasons behind excessive sweating are as simple and benign as wearing clothes which are too tight or too warm.

Dealing with Sweaty Armpits

There are more than a couple of ways of stopping excessive sweating in your armpit area. First of all, you are advised to wear cotton clothing at all times. Cotton allows perspiration and circulation of air, keeping your body temperature optimal, preventing the sweating.

Secondly, applying apple cider vinegar onto the troublesome area is known to help greatly. However, due to the strong smell of the vinegar, you might want to apply it overnight. Alternatively, you may rub a small slice of lemon onto the troublesome armpits, achieving the same effect, with a more pleasant smell.

Diet and stress reduction

Sometimes, our dietary habits may result in excessively sweaty armpits. If this is the case, change your diet and focus on consuming vegetables, fruit and other natural foods, rich in water and fiber. After these have detoxified your body, your armpit sweating problem may be completely gone.

If stress is triggering the sweating, you may want to reduce it by practicing yoga, meditation or other relaxation techniques.

Antiperspirant and medications

In some cases, all you need in order to stop the excessive sweating affecting your armpits is a good antiperspirant. Opt for products based on aluminum, since this ingredient blocks sweating best. However, make sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients beforehand.

Also, some medications like those containing anticholinergic, propantheline bromide or benzotropine, can be helpful. If you want a temporary, but effective solution, Botox injections may solve your armpit sweating problems for up to 10 months.

If all else fails, surgery is yet another solution. Through endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy, armpit sweating can be dealt with permanently.

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