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One way to expel the waste material andtoxins out of the body is sweating. The sweat glands are spread throughout thebody, and the sweat is ejected out of the body through the tiny pores on the skin. Sweating is considered to be a veryimportant body process, and many people perform various exercises inorder to eject the toxins from the body through sweating. However, normalsweating can be tolerable for all, but excessive sweating usually produces a badodor and causes a lot of discomfort for the person with that problem, as well asfor the people in his/her surrounding. The medical expression for theexcessive sweating in normal temperature and normal conditions is hyperhidrosis.

Causes of sweating

There are a number of reasons forthe occurrence of sweating and one of the major ones is obesity. Thesweat glands in the obese people are more active than in the people with normalweight or underweighted people. Therefore, sweating is characteristic for thepeople who are overweighted. Sweating may also be caused by someemotional state, anxiety or nervousness, for example. The people who areoften under stress usually sweat a lot. It is also regarded that excessive use of nicotine and caffeine may lead to the occurrence of perspiration. As we all know, when we are in hotweather or exposed to high temperatures, sweating is quite normal. Other potential causes for sweating arestrong pain in any part of the body, anger, and menstruation and menopause in cases of women.

Treatment of excessive sweating

Excessive sweating is definitely aproblem and a very embarrassing one. Since it causes a lot of discomfort, thepeople who, unfortunately, have to cope with it have several home remedies andtreatment that can be very effective in curing sweating. In case when excessive sweating is present in the feet and palms, it is recommended that the person with thisproblem should use powder talcum and put it on the palms or feet in order to keep them dry.

The underarm sweating in both men and in women can be very disgusting even thoughit is quite normal for every person. Fortunately, it can be cured very easily. Acup of sage tea should be drunk everyday since it is very potent in reducingthe underarm sweating. Sage and asparagus, as well as vitamins are very good for treating head sweating, while the best remedies for face sweating are aloe vera and clay based lotions.

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