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Volleyball is quite a difficult and demanding sport, when ti comes to physical and mental aspects of one's body. Namely, volleyball requires you to stay focused and sharp, while jumping vertically at incredible speeds, moving around the court with excellent organization, blocking and serving whenever necessary, giving your 110%. Therefore, volleyball trainings are known to be some of the most advance and demanding ones, making people capable of showing their stunning strength, dexterity and agility during matches.

Volleyball Training

Once you indulge into volleyball strength training, you will need to know what periodization is. Basically, this stands for the necessity of changing and adjusting your strength training, matching it with different aspects of your exercising such as the frequency of lifting, the type of exercise, the intensity and the method of lifting.

Thus, volleyball exercise routine needs to have this periodization, which involves separating your workout into 4 different parts. Each part is to have different strength requirements.

Four Segments of Volleyball Strength Exercises

Your workout needs to be divided into seasons. The off-season is the first one, being followed by the pre-season, moving onto the in-season and ending with the post-season.

The first season is the off-season, where you are to focus on the heavy weight exercising which will grant you large and strong muscles. This is the most intense part of the workout since it presents the foundation onto which you will place other seasons of your workout.

Moving on to the pre-season, here you will deal with the exercises which are great for your specific sport, being volleyball. Therefore, you are to perform, squats, jumps, lateral steps, hits and spikes. Naturally, this is less intense than the previous season. Nevertheless, this seasons channels your strength into practical movements and, hereby, you learn your moves which are crucial for your in-game performance.

The in-season brings the intensity anew since it requires you to put all your strength and skills to work. Finally, the post-season allows you relaxation through less demanding workouts and stretches. This season lasts for several weeks during which you will perform cardio exercises, preparing to start with the demanding off-season once again.

Final Pieces of Advice

Do not forget that the focus of your workouts is to become more and more skilled in volleyball. Thus, incorporate as many practical exercises as possible, focusing on the most used groups of muscles that this sport needs. You need to stay in good physical shape and to know how to use your moves well.

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