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Muscle soreness is believed to be caused by damage to themuscles or the tissue, or in some cases by muscle spasms. All these cancontribute to micro traumas and lead to cellular damage and significantdiscomfort after the training. If you don’t take care of your body when itstarts to show these first signs of damage it can provokeovert-raining and cause even more damage to the body.

Before the Workout

Make sure to improve circulation before the training. Elevateyour legs on the wall or some other object and stay in that position for 20 to30 minutes. This way, you will get your blood moving and start the recovery evenbefore you started your training.

Recovery during the Training

There are three different things you can do for your body duringthe training: rest properly and move between sets and use periodization. Sometimes,intensity of the training may be too high for our current level of fitness. In thatcase, simply increase the period of rest between each of the sets. It will helpyou perform more easily next set of exercises and it will also decrease theamount of lactic acid in your muscles. Movement between sets is also importantfor recovery, circulation and decrease of muscle swelling.

Always makesure to have at least one day a week of light exercise, to allow your musclesrecovering from exercises during other days of the week. Plan you exercise and include lighter and harder days intoyour routine. This way, you will definitively speed up your recovery andprovide better results, as well as add some change to your routine workout.

Post-Workout Recovery

Most people who workout experience sore muscles and some ofthem seek for treatment because of this problem. After the exercise there areseveral things you can do to aid the recovery of your muscles and ease thesoreness. Use contrast showers for that purpose. Simply, shower the lumbar areaof your body with hot and cold water. This should improve the circulation ofthat area of the body and prevent muscle soreness. Various massages, sauna, whirlpoolor even chiropractic methods or acupuncture can relieve any muscle soreness youare feeling, so you can use those too to speed up your recovery process.

Post-workout nutrition plays an important role as well. Giveyour body proteins it needs right after you finished strenuous exercise andadd some complex carbohydrates for required energy.

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