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Should warming up be a part of beach volleyball training?

Any physical activity requires warming up in order to prevent the muscle sprains and injuries and also to get the most of the activity, especially sports. Volleyball is a sport which involves a lot of muscles, from the hands to the legs and warming up for it is highly recommended and very important. Warming up for volleyball usually consists of doing the same moves like the ones when playing the sport, but only more slowly and leisurely. For example, to stretch the shoulder muscles, one should imitate those moves of hitting a ball, and run around the court to warm up the muscles in the legs.

When it comes to the duration of the warm-up, there isn’t really a fixed pattern one should follow. Everyone should listen to their own body and act accordingly. However, it is strongly recommended to warm up for at least 10-15 minutes before playing.

Why are relaxed muscles important for beach volleyball?

First of all, it is desirable that the muscles should remain relaxed while playing beach volleyball because it is the kind of sport which requires all kinds of movements in all directions. Relaxed muscles will only contribute to these activities. Secondly, and most importantly, elasticity of the muscles is really important because stiff, tight muscles are much more prone to injuries.

Does strength improve the ability to play volleyball?

Simply put, strength is not associated with good volleyball playing. Those who think that hitting the ball as hard as possible will help them win could not be further from the truth. The key to good volleyball playing skills is practice and training. The more one plays, the more skills they acquire, thereby improving their game.

The most important skills to obtain in volleyball are speed and agility. The sand is a difficult ground to play volleyball on, and learning to move faster and stay alert and focused is even more essential than height, for example. When these skills are perfected, victory will not be hard to come by.

Is there a course of action to follow before a beach volleyball game?

Like with anything else, making sure to have enough rest and eat properly before the game is also quite important. The importance varies on the number of games which are supposed to be played. For example, if only a single match is being played, one will be able to make it through without sufficient rest and proper nourishment. But when more than one are being played, adequate amount of food and relaxation are a requirement in order to play well.

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