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Cycle racing is a sport in which bicycles are used for competition. Whoever is determined to make a career in bicycle racing must make a lot of changes in a regular lifestyle.

What you eat is very important. You should increase the intake of energy providing foods to increase the strength and stamina. Fitness experts will compose a diet that fits you and your health condition.

Proper and rigorous exercises are equally important because the bicycle races call for the extreme strength and endurance in racers.


The appropriate equipment is a must. Your gear should be safe and designed to assure maximal comfort. You should practice with the equipment and attire you're actually going to use in the race itself.

To involve in a road cycling races professionally, means getting a personal trainer. A coach will assure the ideal balance of the efforts and limits set on your body. If the money is an issue for you, try hiring a trainer for at least a month, learning what you have to, and continue training on your own.

Before any kind of workout you should do a set of warm-up exercises, checking your heartbeat as well. At the end of the training you should remember to cool down - take a simple pleasure ride and enjoy. To continue training use some of the listed equipment:

Aero Bars - helping you increase the average speed.

Exercise Bikes - choosing between the straight or a hilly course you will do great in discovering means to minimize energy expansion or train your legs for the additional pressure.

Weights - advised for those interested in mountain bike races.

Practice spinning skills with pedal cadence, they will do you good on extremely long races that may last a couple of days. During a normal ride aim for a spin is between 85-100 pedal revolutions per minute - if you increase the number of rotations per minute you will save more energy!

There are some other exercise options you can practice independently: go out and race with your friends, get involved in some other sports (especially valuable when it's off-season or the weather isn't appropriate for outdoor cycling)

Always remember to take enough rest so that your body can grow strong and prepare for the actual race.Keep in mind that you’ve chosen a hard goal to achieve. Becoming a professional bicycle racer means never to give up! Don’t go hard on yourself because of your mistakes – rather learn from them and remember to celebrate even the smallest achievement.

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