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Participating in triathlon may sound serious, but really, it is just a triple disciplined event, a race. It is a competitive training combination of the running, swimming and cycling. Participating in first triathlon and competing, may be a great fun and if it is taken seriously, it may impress all sport performers in the area. Many triathletes in nowadays are having a great fitness level, even so, it takes a great physical demands to improve performance. Triathlon in the competition and sport has approved as very successful on Olympic Games, where audience has a unique opportunity to see world of a well known athletes, performing triathlon, on a fantastic fitness level.

Seven Useful Advices for a First Triathlon

Here, it is important to enjoy triathlon. This intensive race can be a great fun. Winning is achieving a goal. Avoid performance pressure. Any beginner triathlete can become a competitive triathlete any time. A shorter distance race is a right choice for beginners of triathlon training. That includes a sprint triathlon. Training can start any time and the only thing to follow is to choose right race. A beginner in triathlon needs to build a training plan. There are plans useful to be applied to be found on Internet. Just look out and Google in triathlon training plan and press the banner. All triathlon beginners are required to swim. Any pool can be suitable for training. There are coaches that can guide anyone into an intensive swimming training. It is also recommended to hire triathlon coach with certification. Training hours and miles are to be suitable for individual’s ability. Sometimes some athletes can overdo with training, which is no good. It is good to start with one event (a sport discipline) and then slowly to move onto the other until the end, gradually. The speed needs to adjust, to start with slower and then slowly to progress to a faster event (race). Slow speeding up may happen in every next race. The transition in triathlon needs practice, but again it is important to do not over do it. There is training on a bike leg transition for triathlon, exercises for triathlon race beginners. It’s a workout on bike. Right after bike workout, it is good to pass on brick workouts, but right away, so that body does not cools down. Every triathlon race needs triathlon equipment. But it is also important to plan every transition ahead. And this is not just a few preparations as it may seem, I am talking about big plans. It is required to, very carefully, listen coach’s instructions, before race and to clear out all doubts. There is no need to be shy about triathlon; all athletes started the same way. Each triathlon has a different setting, and everyone who wants to participate need to ask about all details possible, ahead.

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