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MMA is a sport created in the past couple of decades and ithas become one of the most popular activities in the realm of martial arts. MMAstands for mixed martial arts, and that is what it is – techniques gatheredfrom all martial arts which have actual appliance in the ring. This is what makesMMA so interesting; there are a lot of different styles combined into oneeffective form. MMA tournaments and competitions have more and more fans eachyear.


It is true that a skillful MMA fighter should not depend onstrength only. This is because at some point, there will be a physicallystronger opponent in the ring and he cannot be defeated with muscles; instead the techniqueis needed. Still, strength is an important part of the MMA training program becauseit offers some things that can be very useful. For example, strength of thearms will increase the output power when it comes to punching. Also, staminaand endurance are very much appreciated, because there are lots of situationswhich demand constant tension of the muscles. So, are there some useful MMAstrength training tips?


For pure strength, two things should be combined - explosiveexercises with simple motions and complex exercises, which include severalelements and activate more than one muscle group. An example for explosiveexercise would be a dumbbell high swing. A practitioner should be in a standingposition, holding the dumbbell with relaxed arms. Exercise is done by swingingthe dumbbell up above the head and when it goes down, it should be stopped atthe knee level (with legs widened a bit and bent in knees). When the dumbbell goesdown, the entire torso is bent forward so that the weight goes between the legsroughly in the knee area. Even though leaned forward, the spine should be straight for performing this exercise correctly (which is very importantbecause an injury might happen easily).

An example for complex exercise would be squat with additionalweight in the form of barbell on shoulders. This is an excellent exercise, whichcan be done both fast and slowly, with different amount of weight lifted. Thisform activates the muscles in torso, legs and arms, which means almost all.

Even though it might not seem so important, cardio exercises should be done as well, though nothing too strenuousis needed (for example, running for about 30 minutes is more than enough). Thisis a good thing because it will activate the muscles used for weight lifting ina different way and make them even stronger. Cardio should not be done the sameday as regular training because that might exhaust the practitioner and then thestandard exercising would not be so efficient.

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