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A Drug Yet Legally Used

It is a well known fact that drugs are bad. Numerous lives that drugs have destroyed serve as best proofs of their malevolence. Heroine, cocaine and many others, have caused addictions which have devoured people and caused their early deaths too many times. Therefore, most of us have heard about or seen the negative effects of drugs upon people and realized how small an amount of pleasure these bring when compared to all they take from a person. Nevertheless, even though most of these drugs are forbidden and their consumption or distribution legally punishable, there are still some which are available for a wide spread use. Besides, marijuana which is legal in some places while in some other is not, poppy seeds have not yet been classified as a drug. Many people use this fact in order to abuse this drug, and little is done for its prevention. Therefore, one may get more acquainted with the poppy seed in order to, through information, get more aware of the negative sides of this plant's consumption.

Poppy Seed Tea

When we talk about negative aspects of poppy seeds, we need to mention the tea made from them. Namely, the Internet is full of poppy seed recipes, bearing witness to its wide spread usage. People drink this tea in order to get more relaxed and pain free, whether it is emotional or physical pain they are going through. Poppy seeds contain several psychoactive substances, influencing one's mood, causing relaxation and happiness. Therefore, it should be taken as nothing else but a drug, especially because it can easily cause an addiction. Since poppy seeds contain morphine, people who abuse this substance start to feel drowsy and sleepy, eventually falling asleep. Beforehand, however, poppy seed abusers experience a warming sensation throughout their skin, accompanied with strange sensations in their neck, pupils and back.

The Worst Case Scenario

Since it is a drug we are talking about here, there are numerous unwanted side-effect to its use, or abuse. Therefore, once one has had too much poppy seed tea, he or she will sleep. However, upon waking up, headache, stomachache, drowsiness and nausea are just some of the negative sides of mild consumption. If taken repeatedly, it can cause itchiness, irritations, breathing problems and even constipation. Finally, a long term excessive consumption may lead to a coma.

To conclude, this malevolent plant is able to be consumed in many forms and ways. People have found most of them out and this legal drug is widely available. Nevertheless, one should restrain him or herself from it, since it is highly addictive and brings absolutely no good to the human organism.

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