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Salvation or Deterioration?

Drug abuse is a constant problem of thehuman kind, and it has been such for several decades now. Using drugsmakes a person less attached to this world and reality in general. Infact, this is one of the main reasons behind drug abuse. Some peopledesire to run from their problems and frustrations and the way theyfind the most efficient, is through drug abuse. Once they experiencethe feeling of happiness and salvation while on drugs, addicts startreturning to these substances, only to feel the same things they feltduring the first sequence of their drug abuse. However, drug abuse ishardly an escapist method, especially for those people close to adrug addict. Rather, families and friends need to tolerate differentlies and deceptions that go hand-in-hand with the drug abuser'scharacter. Moreover, they have to face the fact that this individualis an addict in the first place and take further steps against thatfact, like administering him/her to a rehabilitation institution,preventing him/her to use drugs again etc.

There are different things peopleexperience once they take drugs. Namely, they receive instantsatisfaction and loss of any problems they might have. Thus, drugsare the best way of a quick fix, which hardly fixes anything.Nevertheless, drugs change people, causing many of their traits toget deviated. Even though each drug has a different effect upon anindividual, there are several things all drug addicts are bound toexperience.

Effects of Drug Abuse upon People

Upon becoming a drug addict, one's bodyreacts in a specific way initially. First of all, these people arelikely to experience breathing difficulties as well as increasedheart rate and blood pressure. Additionally, physical changes mayoccur, leading addicts to either lose their weight or gain it. As forabusing drugs in the long run, the whole specter of negative effectsgets amplified, resulting in heart and brain damage, lung diseasesand arthritis, or a large possibility of contracting AIDS, due topoor hygiene and the way of life these people lead.

As for the psychological effects ofdrug abuse, there are many. Firstly, once becoming addicts, peoplecannot function without drugs. Lack of drug abuse leads to mentalcrisis, depression, anxiety and numerous withdrawal symptoms, makingaddicts do whatever they can in order to supply the next fix as soonas possible. This changes them completely and makes them lie, steal,hurt people and commit acts of crime, only to be capable of obtainingthe source of their addiction.

Families and people close to theaddicts suffer a lot too. Namely, they feel helpless and incapable ofrestoring their beloved family member and friend to the right track,and often tolerate many of his/her fits stimulated by the drug abuse.Thus, drugs are well known for destroying entire families, as well asleading an addict to become all alone with his/her addiction.

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