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The Miraculous Tea

People have been drinking tea sincetime immemorial. Numerous researches have proven the claimed value ofthis herbal beverage, affirming its incredibly positive influence onour well-being. Moreover, we consider tea an extremely important partof our lives. Many of us are not able to imagine a day without atleast one cup of tea. Numerous cultures consider tea to have crucialsocial role. Namely, people get bonded by tea, talking andsocializing over it, enjoying its many health benefits during theprocess.

Nevertheless, being doubtful as we are,plenty of times have people asked if tea is good for us or not.Therefore, this article will try to give the best answer to thisquestion.

Good or Bad?

Recent researches have proven thatdrinking up to 8 cups of tea daily can only bring you benefits.Miraculously, drinking tea this much is event considered to be betterthan drinking water in the same amounts, due to many different healthbenefits a tea may bring. Some claimed that tea contains caffeine,making it bad for us. However, it has been proven that not even after8 cups does one exceed the optimal caffeine levels in his or herorganism. Therefore, drink tea as much as you want since the onlythings that can happen to you is energy gain, mood cheering, immunityboost, and similar.

Why Drink Tea?

Before starting about drinking, wemight mention the health benefit of topical tea application. Greentea, once rubbed into one's skin, is able to reduce the agingsymptoms of it, making our skin more tight and wrinkle free.Additionally, our tired eyes may benefit from moist tea bags beingplaced on their eyelids. Finally, green tea is an excellent sunscreenaddition. Putting it on before your regular sun protection decreasesyour chances of getting skin damage greatly.

As for drinking tea, it can do wondersto your bones on the long run. Namely, by consuming tea regularlythroughout your life, you will ensure yourself strong and densebones, proving to be more than valuable during old age. In a similarmanner, green tea protects one's teeth. It reduces chances ofdeveloping caries greatly and amplifies the teeth protection.Additionally, it is even able to reduce or prevent gum infection orinflammation. Finally, we know that every time we feel sick we arealways recommended a cup of tea. This is because tea can fight offnumerous diseases, including those connected with cancer. Therefore,if you want bacteria removed from your mouth, unable to do you harm,regular tea consumption can be of great assistance.

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