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Side effects of cannabis

A Misused Medication

Cannabis has been consumed by the people for many years. Its richness in fiber and its healing potential have all be noticed long time ago. However, lately, it is rarely used for medical purposes. Rather, the only thing people are interested in, regarding this plant, is its effect on one's brain, making him or her intoxicated or “high”. Therefore, people illegally indulge into reckless consumption of cannabis, either by inhaling its smoke or by using it orally. For this purpose, numerous gadgets, devices and methods are used. Namely, one may smoke marijuana by wrapping it into paper, creating a joint or a cigarette, from a pipe, bong or by using many other ways. Nevertheless, all these methods are mostly used for wrong purposes. Thus, although people use cannabis for enjoyment, there are numerous side-effecst they are likely to experience at some point of their indulgence.

Downsides of Cannabis Consumption

First of all, people often tend to use cannabis in combination with alcohol consumption. This, however, is not a good thing to do, since one is likely to feel nauseous and vomit during such endeavors. The latter side-effects are common for people who are not used to the drug yet. These are likely to experience temporary motor function problems, as well as sickness and dizziness. Smoking cannabis causes one to have his or her heartbeat increased. Also, this procedure often involves red eyes and paleness along with mouth dryness. Finally, one is not completely in control of his or her actions once under the effect of this drug.

Even though some people may feel happy and relaxed while they are under the influence of cannabis, others may feel depressed and miserable, anxious and paranoid at the same time. Thus, the effect varies from one individual to another, making some people more creative and pleasant, while, at the same time making other people aggressive and incontrollable.

Cannabis mostly influences parts of one's brain in charge of motor and memory functions. Nevertheless, it may influence mood, actions, sleep, emotions, and many other aspects of our brain.

Bear in mind that pregnant women who consume cannabis, risk the health of their child. Also, they, along with all other consumers, risk developing either lung or testicle cancer. All in all, the negative effects increase with the increase of the amount of the drug consumed. Therefore, the more one “enjoys” marijuana, the more he or she will be forced to experience the negative sides of it sooner or later. As for the timespan of being under the influence, it spreads up to six hours after consumption, again depending upon dosage and frequency.

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