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Recently, many ways through which people become drug addicts were discovered and taken into consideration. Basically, there are risk factors and preventive measures related to one's proneness to drug abuse. However, not all people who are at risk of becoming drug addicts actually fail to resist this. Rather, there are no specific rules and a person's chances of becoming a drug addict depend on his/her own personality, among other factors.

Children and Drug Abuse

Children may be endangered, when it comes to drug abuse, throughout different parts of their lives. Therefore, parents need to be on the lookout and protect their children, preventing drug abuse and addiction from affecting them. Aggressive behavior, school problems and many other signs of potential drug abuse, all can be countered and prevented through communication, counseling and mutual efforts of both parents, teachers and the rest of the community. Positive behavior and values need to be presented to the child, preventing him/her from ever taking drugs.

Yet, some children are not offered these forms of helping hands. These individuals are at a much higher risk of becoming drug addicts, especially if drugs are part of their environment or the social circles they are exposed to.

Teenagers usually start abusing drugs due to the peer pressure. However, the drug abuse may also be an act of rebellion against the overprotective parents. Nevertheless, knowing your child well and having a good, unobstructed communication channel with him/her are all factors which can contribute to prevention of drug abuse greatly.

Early Signs of Drug Abuse in Children

Usually, behavior gives drug addicts away. Aggressiveness, irritability or lack of self-control, are all things to be on the lookout for, even at a very young age.

Note that children who lack affection and caring within the family are more likely to abuse drugs. Thus, bad parenting is one of the most common reasons behind this form of addiction. Additionally, drug abuse within a family or any other social circle close to the child may increase the chances of the child becoming a drug addict him/herself.

On the other hand, children who have strong bonds between themselves and their parents, with the parents being involved and looked up to, when it comes to the child's life, have lesser chances of becoming drug addicts. Naturally, discipline, rules and the necessary education regarding the subject of drug abuse can contribute to preventing drug abuse significantly.

Finally, some children may become drug addicts due to their academic failure, low levels of discipline in the classroom or connections with peers who are already abusing drugs.

Changing schools and advancing through education brings new peers and new expectations. Then, children want to fit in and, if this requires drug consumption, they are ready to take the risk. Thus, these are times when children need extra care, guidance and supervision.

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