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Health benefits of poppy seeds


Poppy plant is an annual plant. The opium is milky substance that shows up if poppy plant is cut. Opium is used in medicine as one of the most effective analgetics. The seeds of this plant are present in poppy heads. Poppy seeds are ingredients of majority of tonics. These seeds contain proteins, fats and fiber. They are also rich in carbohydrates. Poppy seeds are especially rich in omega-3 fatty acids. As for minerals poppy seeds contain calcium and phosphorous. The juice of the plant is rich in oxalic acid and opium. Opium contains twenty-five alkaloids with the codeine which is the main alcaloid.

Health Benefits of Poppy Seeds

The milk can be extracted from poppy seeds. If 30 g of this milk is mixed with sugar the obtained remedy can be used if a person is suffering from problems with sleeping. Another option is a teaspoon of poppy seed oil which is supposed to be taken before going to bed.

Poppy seeds are excellent choice as home remedy for dysenteria. To fight this irritating infection the poppy seeds are used in a form of powder. A quarter of teaspoon of the powder is fried in honey. This mixture is taken twice a day and is rather effective in dealing with symptoms of dysentery. Since the poppy seeds are also great tranquilizers this remedy is not supposed to be taken more than three days in a row.

External usage of poppy plant is also possible. A paste obtained from the root is rubbed onto the skin in all those who are suffering from prickling sensations. Poppy in a form of one more paste acts as a very powerful cooling agent especially used in case of increased body temperature.

Hypnotic properties of poppy seeds are used in fight against pain especially during the labor, in case of colics and pain in testicles. Opium that is obtained from the poppy plant is most commonly used to alleviate pain in cancers and some other illnesses in which the pain is unbearable and cannot be relieved with regular painkillers.

If one is suffering from dry itch he/ she can use a paste made of ground poppy seeds and apply it onto the affected skin.

Linoleic acid that is present in poppy seeds provides with excellent protection against heart attacks and other heart conditions.

Due to the content of oleic acid poppy seed oil is helpful in treating breast cancer.

In case of intolerance one must not use any of the products obtain from poppy plant. Furthermore it is forbidden to use it if you are pregnant or suffering from kidney disorders.

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