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An Extremely Healthy Herb

Mint has been well known for itsnumerous health benefits since time immemorial. For ages, the people havedrunk mint tea after meals, or while they are sick, relying onto thestrong healing powers of this herb. Its calming and pleasant strongsmell may instantly remove headaches and any forms of stress-inducedanxiety. Mint tea is excellent for any stomach issues, cold or a sorethroat. It can even relieve one from toothache, chest pain or anyproblems regarding our respiratory system. Finally, mint leaves maybe used for healing purposes in cases of insect stings or bites, anyitches or eczema and even sunburns. All in all, it is an extremelypowerful herb, helpful in more ways than one. However, regardless ofthese wonderful traits of mint, it can nevertheless be harmful whendrunk in some situations. Namely, this mainly goes out for peoplesuffering from certain types of diseases, making it possible for mintto make things worse.

When Not To Enjoy Mint Tea?

Although not directly, mint cancontribute to the negative side-effects of people suffering fromstomach acid reflux. Due to the fact that mint relaxes our stomachmuscles, it increases the chances and quantity of acid reflux.

This relaxing property of mint may be amatter of great concern for pregnant women. Namely, even though thishas not been completely proven, many experts claim that mint mayrelax a pregnant woman's uterus muscles, possibly causingmiscarriage. Of course, this would only be provoked by excessiveintake of mint. Nevertheless, pregnancy is one of the situationswhere you should be careful with mint consumption.

Sometimes, mint can cause negativeeffects by interacting with some substances present in the medicationyou are taking. Thus, whenever receiving new medication, make sureyou ask your doctor if it is safe to combine it with herbal teas andmint.

As for topical application of the herb,there have been known cases of muscle problems induced by mint oil.Regardless, these cases are rare and, even though excessive mentholmay be poisonous, this effect can hardly be caused naturally. Rather,be careful while using refined products and inform yourself about thepossible side-effects.

Finally, children are more affected bymint than adults are. Therefore you should be very careful regardingdosage and quantity. Other than that, there is a small likelihoodthan excessive consumption of mint tea may cause slower heart rate ordiarrhea.

In order to rule out any unwantedeffects of this herb, make sure, while you are making tea, to use atablespoon of mint in 150ml of water. Also, do not drink this teamore than three times a day. Follow these rules and enjoy mint aswell as all the benefits it introduces to your life.

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