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Poppy seeds nutrition factsPoppy seeds

Poppy seeds are the tiny seeds taken from a particular kind of poppy flower that have found their use in food preparation. Both, the seeds and the oil extracted from the flower have been proven to have a very high nutritional value.

The nutritional elements contained in poppy seeds

The nutritional value of poppy seeds lies mostly in the amount of protein, calcium, carbohydrates and minerals they contain. As for the minerals, they include the most important kinds, such as potassium, phosphorous, magnesium and sodium. Also, poppy seeds include a certain amount of calories, but they are not too hard for the metabolism to burn.

The effects of poppy seeds that are beneficial to the health

Thanks to the presence of protein and carbohydrates in poppy seeds, they provide the body with a big energy boost. The value that the minerals they contain carry is essential for the proper functioning of the majority of body parts. As for the calories, as it’s been said, the metabolism has no difficulty whatsoever to burn them. This is because fatty acids are found in poppy seeds as well and what they do is facilitate the digestion process inside the abdomen.

Some other particular kinds of acids found in poppy seeds are linoleic and oleic acid. These acids shelter the body from some of the most dangerous conditions possible. For example, the most important thing that linoleic acid does is preserve the heart from any potential harmful condition or issue. On the other hand, the components of the oleic acid have proven to be more than useful in fighting off the free radical that can lead to breast cancer.

Poppy acids find another use in relieving some nervous disorders because of their soothing effect that is beneficial to the nerves. Another condition that they can help with and that is of a bit more mental nature is battling with insomnia. Thanks to that same soothing effect, they are sometimes able to help the insomniac go to sleep.

They even have some rather concrete medicinal purpose as they are able to relieve symptoms of asthma or persistent coughing, as well as any kind of issue in the abdominal area.

What kinds of food use poppy seeds

Poppy seeds are mostly included in cake making. Their unique taste is often sprinkled on different cakes, pastries or muffins. Aside from tasting them in the cakes, some people like to have poppy seeds in their bread. 

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