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Drug abuse is a disorder manifesting through inability to stop using certain drugs even though the overuse is triggering various problems in the sufferer's life. More than 7% of people become drug addicts at certain points of their lives. Younger generations, mostly teens, commonly get addicted to prescription drugs and often abuse narcotics which should originally be used for pain relief. Also, stimulant medications which are, by default, used for treating attention deficit disorder get abused in many cases.

Definition of Drug Addiction

Once a person gets addicted to a certain drug, he/she cannot stop using it and suffers from the dosages he/she exposes his/her organism to. Also, if a drug addict tries to quit his/her addiction, withdrawal symptoms take place and make the whole process very difficult, almost impossible.

Drug addiction usually affects people who are already suffering from some kinds of mental issues. In fact, a vast majority of people with severe mental illnesses end up heavily addicted to certain substances. Moreover, these people are likely to act violently and get incarcerated or persecuted by law for their deeds while under influence of drugs. Contracting HIV is also a common scenario reserved for people who are addicted to drugs. When people who are addicted to certain types of drugs have another mental illness affecting their lives, the success of common treatments is minimal.

Commonly Abused Drugs

Regardless of the fact that alcohol is legally obtained, it is addictive nevertheless, being toxic and capable of leading to serous damage, especially when a pregnant woman consumes alcoholic beverages. Then, there are great chances that the fetus will be negatively affected by the mother's addiction.

Bodybuilders and athletes are prone to getting addicted to anabolic steroids. These drugs lead to aggressiveness and paranoia or even infertility and organ failure. Believe it or not, even caffeine can lead to an addiction, manifesting through palpitations, insomnia, tremors and increased anxiety, in case of overdose.

Marijuana, commonly known as Cannabis is a herbal drug which is smoked or consumed, resulting in lethargy, infertility and paranoia. However, marijuana is often sold mixed with some other substances like, for example, baby powder, oregano, embalming fluid, cocaine and other opiates, making matters worse once smoked.

Heavy drugs

Many addicts take amphetamines, which are synthetic drugs available in many different forms and types. These are heavily addictive and can lead to numerous side-effects and withdrawal symptoms. In fact, overdose with amphetamines can lead to death.

Cocaine is usually consumed by people who are wealthy enough to afford it, stimulating the nervous system when snorted, smoked or injected.


The best way of dealing with drug addictions is preventing them. So, pay attention to the symptoms and react timely, seeking professional help, either for yourself or for those you care about.

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