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Drug Abuse and Drug Tests

Once you have been taking drugs, thisactivity of yours is preserved somewhere in your body. Therefore,there are numerous different tests which can prove this. Some of themost common ones are blood, urine, hair, saliva and sweat tests. Namely, once you have abused drugs during a longer course of time,their influence and traces can be found in your hair. Therefore, ifyour hair is long, it bears witness to many sessions of drug abuseone might have. This method of testing is expensive. However, it isthe least invasive and can show only drug abuse from the past, beingincapable of giving traces to any recent sessions of this type. Forrecent cases of drug indulgence, blood tests can be used. Yet, thesecost a lot and are quite invasive. Saliva and sweat analysis are bothprecise methods, even though they only work for some drug types,being useless for some other ones. Finally, urine analysis can revealonly recent traces of drug abuse. Due to these loopholes in many ofthe above mentioned methods, people have many myths and tricks whichcan supposedly help one pass these tests even though he/she has takendrugs beforehand.

Myths and Facts about Drug TestCheating

There is a theory that, if your drinkplenty of water before your urine test, you might dilute all theillegal substances, decreasing their visible levels. Even though thismay be true, people who do the tests are aware of this method too,and will try to look further into it. There is also a theory thatincreased vitamin B2 levels may cloak the drug in your urine.

Another, quite see-through methodinvolves claiming that you have been exposed to marijuana smokepassively. However, you should know that if you were not, the levels of this substance inyour blood and urine will be much higher that they would be in casesof “passive indulgence.”

Also, if you think you can claim tohave eaten poppy seeds instead of using opiates based on this plant,you are mistaken as well, since the effect of the two is differentand can be distinguished.

Furthermore, all sample testing is donecarefully and securely, with methods preventing you from cheating.You will have to wear the facility clothing so as not to smuggle anycounter-substances or cheat in any way. Also, your samples will betested with several different methods, just to give as precise resultsas possible. Finally, these methods are so well developed that theycan hardly be bypassed, let alone lead to imperfection. All in all, the best way to pass a drugtest is not to use drugs in the first place.

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