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We will talk about a very discomforting problem called pimples. This problem does not create a physical discomfort as much as mental. So, we will give you a few advises and tips you can use in order to reduce or fully eliminate the problem. This problem can be found everywhere in the world. If this problem is created on the face, it can bring a lot of problems. There are several types which can appear. Those are cysts, pimples, blackheads and whiteheads.


We will give you three remedies which you can apply topically on the affected skin area. Those are a mix of oats and crushed mint, turmeric and neem and the third is the mix of two drops of oil, turmeric and thick curd. You can also use a mix of turmeric and sandal wood. The last mix we will mention is the one of crushed garlic juice. All of the mentioned remedies must be applied on the pimples. Problems, such as bad eating habits, improper care of the skin and hormone changes are the most common causes for the blackhead pimples. Never squeeze these pimples since it can produce scaring. Just try to keep the problematic area clean. Also, they can come in different types of spots. In order to eliminate these pimples, eat healthy so will eliminate bad toxins in your body and maintain good skin hygiene. In order to get rid of the toxins, you have to drink a lot of fluid. So every day, drink at least 8 glasses of water. Your nutrition should consist of fruits, vegetables and food with high levels of vitamins. Avoid steroids, chemicals, sugar, fats and salt. These blackheads are filled with sebum. They occur because of the excess oil in the skin. This oil, produced by the glands, becomes very thick and this is the way blackheads are created. For the treatment of blackheads, you can try lightweight moisturizer which does not have oils. Also gels with vitamins, retinal, lactic, glycolic and salicylic acid are advised. Do not use antibiotics unless you have to and use benzyl peroxide. But remember to use it only on the pimple. Do not apply it on the whole face. For the end we will give you several more tips for reducing the acne problem. Use a antibacterial cleaner two times a day for washing your face, use cosmetic without oils, use moisturizer without coedogenioc, drink a lot of fluid and keep your make up brushes, puffs and sponges. Be sure to avoid going to sleep with the make-up, iodine diet, red meat, high dairy, high fat food and coffee.

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