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Acne, rashes, cuts, burns and many other skin disorders can be treated with the use of a gentle and essential oil made from sandalwood. Due to its healing properties and pleasing scent, it is used in the manufacturing of many soaps and lotions, which could prove to be affordable solutions for acne. There are many forms in which you can get sandalwood, and this remedy for acne originated from India, where it can be found today. There are several other benefits of sandalwood associated with the skin, since it is good for removal of bacteria and germs and it is also a good moisturizer for the skin.

Fighting Acne

Many skin problems can be treated with the use of this old remedy that comes from the Ayurveda medicine. This herb is a good antiseptic because the oil has this ability created as a by-product. Oil and bacteria can clog the pores and this is how pimples and blackheads are made, but sandalwood oil can eliminate troublemaking oil and bacteria. There have been many studies conducted on the effects of sandalwood and they have concluded that sandalwood oil has bactericidal, anti-carcinogenic and antiviral abilities.

Acne treatment with sandalwood oil is conducted in several ways, but before you start with the treatment, see if you are allergic to sandalwood by applying small amount of oil on your skin. If an allergic reaction appears, do not use the sandalwood oil because serious consequences may follow.


Acne vulgaris treatment must be conducted with the use of sandalwood paste and we will teach you how to make it. A teaspoon of turmeric powder and a teaspoon of sandalwood powder should be mixed with a dash of camphor and a teaspoon of water. This will give you a thick paste that needs to be applied and worn during the night as a mask. The sandalwood rosewater mask must be applied on the whole face and on every rash or acne affected area. It is less consistent than the paste and it can be made by mixing half a cup of rosewater and two teaspoons of sandalwood. When you apply the mask, wait for 20 to 30 minutes and then use the lukewarm water to rinse the skin. Another mask that needs to be applied for the same amount of time can be made by mixing the same amounts of lime juice, turmeric powder and sandalwood oil. You can make a great remedy by mixing half a cup of carrier oil and several drops of sandalwood oil. Massage the affected area with this mix and the rough, dry and acne-prone skin will be gone.Getting sandalwood can be difficult since it is expensive and endangered, but if you use it rationally, it can last a lifetime. Be sure to use the pure one for healing, since the market is filled with the diluted sandalwood oils.

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