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Hard pimples are a nightmare for all who have them. Besides being formed inside your pores, making your skin swell, filled with puss and painful redness, hard pimples can leave scars once they are gone, permanently damaging your face or other parts of your skin . Hard pimples can be referred to as cystic acne, due to the fact that these are formed by excessive accumulation of bacteria inside the pores. As the infection spreads, more pus is created, affecting the surrounding tissues.

Causes of Hard Pimples

If we are to discuss the reasons behind this skin issue, we need to mention sebum, which is our skin’s natural and protective oil. Namely, sebum is produced from sebaceous glands in our body. Sometimes, due to hormonal imbalances, pregnancy or puberty our body produces excessive sebum, clogging the pores, capturing the bacteria inside and leading to infections. Hard pimples are very hard to treat, since they bother people for a long time. Moreover, some people claim that the problem can be genetically inherited.

Characteristics of Hard Pimples

These pimples are most easily seen on people’s faces. They are very painful and can cause various problems including aesthetic, emotional and physical ones. Hard pimples may appear due to usage of greasy skin products.

Regardless of the cause, you are not to touch, let alone squeeze these pimples. This will not make them disappear. On the contrary, it will result in the worsening of the inflammation and spreading of the infection, since you will deliver more bacteria through your dirty hands. Sometimes, hard pimples may appear because of one’s inclination towards fast food.

Possible Treatment for Hard Pimples

If your skin is oily and quite often affected by pimples, peels are the best choice. Peeling is a process during which dead layers of skin are removed from your face, leaving way for healthy layers of young skin underneath. There are natural and chemical peels for you to choose from. However, before you try any of these, you are advised to seek an opinion from your dermatologist.

Some people managed to deal with their hard pimples through herbal steam. Exposing your problematic skin to herbal steam, cleaning your pores is a great, healthy process which softens and removes hard pimples, relaxing the muscles on your face, easing the pain.

Do not use harsh cosmetics. Rather, give natural remedies a try by using gram flour and turmeric, mixing these in a teaspoon of honey, cleaning your face with this combination. Also, eat a lot of vegetables, drink a lot of water and lead a healthy life since this is the key to healthy, pimple-free skin.

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